This is the second year the Frame by Frame Festival will be held. Created and managed by 1080c Productions, the only student film organization on campus, the festival is a partnership between 1080c, SVAD, and the Nickelodeon Theatre. The festival is the only place to showcase your work over the past year on the big screen in front of your friends and family!
FFF is a place for students to celebrate students, where media makers and artists can come together to show and discuss their best work from the past year.
10 films are chosen by a panel of judges from the community, professionals in their fields. The final 10 are then premiered on the big screen at the Nickelodeon Theatre. 
Become connected to the greater Columbia Art and Film community while building bridges with fellow students. Learn how your peers created their films and the challenges they faced during the after-screening talkbacks. 
Since FFF is a film festival registered through FilmFreeway you can add this achievement to your resume!

The Deadline to submit is March 22nd, 2020
Tickets go on sale on February 21st, buy them here:
The festival is on April 5th at the Nickelodeon Theatre (1607 Main Street Columbia, SC 29201)
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